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Thread: Video: Mafia II Interview - Hits PlayStation 3 on August 24, 2010

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    Video: Mafia II Interview - Hits PlayStation 3 on August 24, 2010

    Today Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a video interview from E3 2010 spotlighting Mafia II, which hits the PlayStation 3 entertainment system on August 24, 2010.

    To quote: The typical "Summer Drought" will soon give way to a flood of holiday titles, and one of the first major titles we'll get our hands on is Mafia II.

    Now, as we creep closer to Mafia II's August 24th release date, the extent of the game's PlayStation-exclusive content is becoming clearer; this week, the Trophies for "Jimmy's Vendetta" came to light, and it's looking pretty extensive.

    A few weeks ago, Mr. Sid Shuman had a few words with 2K Senior Producer Denby Grace about Mafia II's gritty look and feel, its upcoming demo, and how differs from other games in the genre like GTA (hint: it's *way* different).

    [viddler id=6a11cb8e&w=545&h=327]

    Today I'll be attending a Mafia II event where new content will be revealed, and I've got a few more minutes with the developers. We've asked our questions - now what do *you* want to know about Mafia II? Comment now, and we'll have the answers for you on Tuesday.

    [imglink=|Video: Mafia II Interview - Hits PlayStation 3 on August 24, 2010][/imglink]
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    I can't wait. By the looks of it, the game is going to be just as epic as the first one.

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    I cannot wait for this game either. I just hope i'm not anticipating it too much. The first Mafia was vastly underrated.

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