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Thread: Video: Machete Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out

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    Video: Machete Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out

    Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a video today spotlighting Machete in The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation Move on PS3.

    To quote: When we got our first beta build of The Fight: Lights Out, we were ecstatic to find that Danny Trejo was in it, starring as your trainer, Duke.

    You may not know the name, but you've probably seen this bad-ass in movies like Con Air, Machete, and From Dusk Til Dawn (where, as a vampire bartender, he was awesomely impaled with a cue stick).

    So when we met him recently, it was a treat to find out that he's not just some paid celebrity shill; he could pick up a pair of PlayStation Move controllers and wipe the floor with dudes in The Fight: Lights Out.

    And as a guy with some boxing experience - in prison no less - Danny had some fight tips to share with us. The Fight: Lights Out is available tomorrow, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move.

    [viddler id=d25aed65&w=545&h=327]

    If you're a fan of Mr. Trejo, stay tuned to our Twitter feed. Danny signed some posters for you PlayStation fans, and we'll be giving them out soon.

    [imglink=|Video: Machete Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out][/imglink]
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    Starlight Guest
    Nice, as i seen his movie and he is a badass and will do this game good, nice news.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Doh ! This guys is awesome. Watched "Machete" and he really did a great job ! The promotion is also great for the game. Now we just have to make it run on Jailbroken PS3's.

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    pmscunha Guest
    He is a really "short" badass ! lol

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    ExMachinaRus Guest
    He was given an offer he couldn't refuse... Machete!

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