SCEA's Product Marketing Specialist Mick Perona has posted this week's LittleBigPlanet PS3 Sack it to Me edition, which includes a video celebrating over two million levels made!

To quote: Congratulations to all of the LittleBigPlanet community, as we hit another big user-generated milestone with over two million levels created and posted on the "Share Planet."

What's New?
For all of you looking for new levels to play, check out our new widget thingy on

We've added an "Mm Picks" section highlighting some of the best community levels around. And don't forget about the Mm Picks page, RSS feed and Twitter feed.

Community Levels
On the PSP side of things, our friend JHKthree has been uploading tons of great levels for all to see. Check out some of them over the weekend:

Scenic of the Leaves by Spark151

Zen by jeffcu28

The Shipwreck of Captain Skull by Lleonard

Workshop of the Week
On, our fans have been holding a "Sackperson Clone Contest." Great contest guys! We can see y'all had fun with this.

For the Weekend
"A Tale of the Sea" level creation contest at - Our friends have started a new contest and have put together a little promotional level, which is pretty cool on its own.

LittleBigPodcast is at it again with a new PS3 commercial spoof... too funny!

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