Today SCEA Marketing Manager Mark Valledor shared a few more LittleBigPlanet 'The Patch' videos featuring some new artists and levels.

To quote: Below are a few more levels created during our tour that you'll end up seeing on "The Patch":

During our trip to New Orleans, we met Lionel Milton. Lionel is a very influential artist in the New Orleans area and is responsible for the event art at the Voodoo Music Experience. Naturally, he wanted to apply his creativity to LBP and here is a sneak peek of what he come up with:

During the Voodoo Music Experience, we set up several LittleBigPlanet displays in the backstage VIP tent and LBP caught the eye of the members of INNERPARTYSYSTEM. We had a blast talking about gaming in general, and ended up creating a cool little level with several gameplay challenges and used the PlayStation Eye a whole bunch:

The folks at Planet Illogica hooked us up with some of the coolest and most creative cats in the art world. Their level resembles a gallery and includes artwork from Joe Vaux, Nathan Cabrera, and Destroy & Rebuild Collective.

Check back in with us tomorrow to see the full list of levels that are included in 'the patch'!

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