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    May 2008
    LOL... Are we gona change our name then from PS3news to PS4news??

    I believe this is not true.

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    Feb 2009
    Well in my point of view PS4 is still 3 to 4 years away because move isn't out yet how can sony announce PS4 after spending billions of dollers on its previous console.

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    Feb 2010
    I think it's cool, but fake.

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    May 2010

    Big Grin

    this is for 3d, thats why he has glasses, it says at the bottom ps4 v3.21 it's a play.

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    thanks boss for sharing!!! we all have to wait and see... you never know!!!!

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    Fake, but I do like the first one. That was pretty cool.

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    That's easy as pie. The videos are in the wrong order in the post.. of course it PS4 3.1 first, PS4 4.0 second.

    First OBVIOUS thing: It's some kind of funny copy of the movie "The Ring" combined with some resources from "The Blair witch project", specially the PS4 v3.1 ending.

    Second: In the PS4 v3.1 video, the scientists are not making any progress.

    Finally: In the PS4 v4.0 video, one of the scientists gets up of the chair tired of "testing" and seeing no progress, while the second scientist stays and realizes that it worked.

    EDIT: I almost forgot: yes, it's a fake. It's probably a students project (look at the ages of everyone there). But not a real Sony ad... Sony would not copy a movie to make the ps4 advertisings

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    Oh, ps4 is not.. it a surprise announcement from long time of the launch of the ps3 that they had to leave post current 2011.

    we'll see, does it have an intel processor that looks like this console to a pc..

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    I dunno guys, I think we won't see a PS4 in stores before 2014, and an announcement 1 or 2 years before launch.

    Of course they already plan it and I'm sure they have lots of concept papers, but nothing to show yet.

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    Is no one noticing the part where it's admitted as a hoax? Sony PR says it is 100 percent bogus.

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