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    Video: Last Rebellion is Coming to PS3 on February 23, 2010

    Today NIS America, Inc's PR/Marketing Coordinator Nao Zook has posted a gameplay video of Last Rebellion in action, and revealed that it will be coming to Sony's PS3 entertainment system on February 23, 2010.

    To quote: NIS America will release Last Rebellion in a couple of weeks for the PlayStation 3!

    Let me go over the basic story of Last Rebellion first. Then I will go on to the battle system. I will be showing our first battle footage, so don't forget to check that out too!

    It takes place in a world called Jonovald, which is governed by two gods: Meiktilia who presides over the death of all people and the destruction of all things, and Formival who presides over the birth of all people and the creation of all things.

    Meiktilia blesses two types of people with special powers; Blades and Sealers. Blades have the skills to destroy the physical structure of things, and Sealers use magical abilities to destroy the metaphysical, the spiritual structure of things. The two main characters are Nine who is a Blade, and Aisha who is a Sealer.

    Formival's power allows all things to revive and when they do, they become a stronger threat to others. These undead creatures are called Belzeds. In order to destroy them, the power of both a Blade and Sealer is required.

    Since Nine's homeland, Lorvin, was becoming a nesting ground for Belzeds, the king of Lorvin (Nine's father) summons Nine and Aisha to save the land.

    Now, you'll play as these two main characters. You control both characters operating out of a single body. Well, in short, they are two souls in the same body. You can switch between these two characters just about anytime you want while you're on the field, as well as in battle. As mentioned above, in order to destroy Belzeds, you will need both Nine's and Aisha's power. You'll have to use them wisely and in the correct order to successfully destroy Belzeds.

    The battle system of Last Rebellion is quite unique. You'll be able to switch between Nine and Aisha on the battlefield, and you will be asked to decide what actions you will take for each character. You will fight in turn based battles, so you'll have time to strategize your actions!

    When you attack the Belzeds, you will see lists of the enemies' body parts. There is a correct order to attack each part. You'll have to decide which body part to attack first, and by using CP, you can attack as many body parts as you can.

    When you attack their body parts in the correct order, you'll do much more damage, so you'll want to figure out the correct order for each enemy as soon as possible. Well, there is some information about the strengths of their body parts in the list, so it won't just be "guess" work.

    Once you decide the order of attacks and which skills to use, then you execute. When the enemy has been knocked down, you will have to use Aisha's Seal skill to completely destroy its body. Otherwise, they will revive with even more power! Also, if you use Nine's Absorb skill before sealing the body, you can absorb MP from that monster. This skill will come in handy if you need to regain MP!

    It'll be easier to understand once you see it, rather than reading about it, so check out the battle footage!

    Here is some random stuff about Last Rebellion.

    - Nine and Aisha will share one body, so they will share HP and MP values as well. When you are using Nine to explore the field, MP will gradually recover, and when Aisha is on the field, HP will gradually recover. Switch between them as you need to.
    - Nippon Ichi Software was able to get some awesome guest illustrators, such as Mr. Mikimoto, who worked on Macross. These illustrations will be shown on the loading screens!
    - If you preorder Last Rebellion at RosenQueen.com you'll receive a bonus double-sided poster, featuring some of the guest illustrators' artwork! This is a pretty sweet deal, so I hope you are interested in it!
    - Last Rebellion will be released on February 23! That's just around the corner, so until then, learn more about it on the Official Last Rebellion Website!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Pretikewl Guest
    While I'm happy to see this type of game, I can't help thinking after watching that video... ps2 level graphics on this.

    Yes, yes, I know graphics don't define a game, but that looked more like lack of effort than pride in your work.

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    inginear Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    While I'm happy to see this type of game, I can't help thinking after watching that video... ps2 level graphics on this.

    Yes, yes, I know graphics don't define a game, but that looked more like lack of effort than pride in your work.
    it does look like an engaging game. i'll have to keep my eye on this one. as far as the graphics are concerned, i do not believe that what we saw in the video are the final graphics for the game. i think the uploaded videos are not up to par with what the ps3 can output, graphic wise.

    they may also use different shaders for the final version like was done with borderlands. if you saw screenshots of borderlands while it was in production, the environments and people looked more realistic than they do in the final version.

    at least, i hope that is the case with last rebellion too. not the realism part, just using better shaders for the released version.

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