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Thread: Video: Landit Bandit for PS3 Arrives on PSN Tomorrow

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    Video: Landit Bandit for PS3 Arrives on PSN Tomorrow

    Bearded Ladies CEO Haraldur Thormundsson has announced that Landit Bandit for PS3 arrives on PSN tomorrow, July 13, 2010 and shared a video trailer.

    To quote: Let us introduce ourselves and our little project Landit Bandit which will be "landing" on the PlayStation Store on July 13th for $9.99.

    We are five gamers, commonly known as "The Bearded Ladies," that have been lucky enough (or mad enough!) to live our dream of making a game for the PS3. We never gave the low odds of success a second thought - and that's just as good as we (two programmers from the auto industry, a janitor, a liquor store salesman, an expedition leader from Nepal) would never have made a PS3 game. We've included a picture so you know what you are dealing with here.

    The game, Landit Bandit, is a wacky 3D helicopter adventure that pays homage to several old classics such as Ugh! and Crazy Taxi. The controls are intuitive and resemble Moonlander in 3D, but are deep enough to have you playing for hours to master them.

    The game is aimed at anyone that enjoys flight games or physics-based games in general, or anyone that wants to play something different...'cause we are confident you have not played anything like this before.

    One of our goals was to vary the way the game is played, but keep the flight basics at the core of each level. We achieved this by both using the physics of the surroundings and even more by the fact that you gain abilities by picking up "wing men." The wing men alter the ways you can control your helicopter and give you new opportunities to shave seconds of that online high score.

    Since we are big fans of split-screen gaming, Landit Bandit features both drop-in co-op as well as six different split-screen duels.

    [imglink=|Video: Landit Bandit for PS3 Arrives on PSN Tomorrow][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Landit Bandit for PS3 Arrives on PSN Tomorrow][/imglink]
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    Looks fun, reminds me of the old Pilot Wings for N64. Love flight sim style games.

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