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Thread: Video: Killzone 3 for PS3 with PlayStation Move in Action!

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    Video: Killzone 3 for PS3 with PlayStation Move in Action!

    Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has made available another PlayStation Move video today, this time highlighting Killzone 3 for PS3 in action!

    To quote: With PlayStation Move in the hot little hands of gamers around the world, it's time to set our sights on the future of PlayStation Move. In those sights: the glowing red eyes of the Helghast army.

    When Killzone 3 drops on February 22nd 2011, Sev and the ISA troops will be packing some state-of-the-art firepower in the form of PlayStation Move.

    So how does an elite first-person shooter map to the PlayStation Move control scheme? And how does it stack up to the traditional DualShock controls? We went hands-on to find the answers with Steven Ter Heide from Guerrilla Games.

    [viddler id=6b15a10&w=545&h=327]

    [imglink=|Video: Killzone 3 for PS3 with PlayStation Move in Action!][/imglink]
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    joel1310 Guest

    Big Grin

    I want this game SOO BAD!!!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    It'll be cool if they show us more in game game-play and not just the move execution.

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    swolern Guest
    Move + 3D FPS is gonna be mind blowing!!

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    coltscolts Guest


    Awesome KZ3 video !!!

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    foxyjanam Guest
    That's exclusive, yes!!

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    oma Guest
    yea yea, now they gonna develop a new set of tricks for the move and starting to build titles around this new controller, its going to suck for at least 2 years because thats the least amount of time it takes to develop a good title, and then when you sit and wait around for that title to ship its going to be postponed because a lot of new stuff has arrived and it needs to be updated to be able to compete.

    then in 3 years you sit there and have all these games which are all basically just point and click and hack and slash on a console which is outdated outrun by the hardware on a pc 2 years ago everything just seems to be the same story over and over again, no real invention, same things with small tweaks on graphical adjustements and increased combos, nothing new, they could have developed this move controller 15 years ago if they knew what they were doing.

    its like 1 guy figures out something and everyone implements in and advertise about it, same new package. i mean, for kids who hasn't been around this might look cool, but for an old fart who has been around we have seen all this before and i frankly am getting tired about all these games which are all basically the same, just some suck more than the others, oh! a knife in the eye with the move controller, lol, how inventive.

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    Skaper Guest


    Why not learn C# and OGL and go be a developer then, maybe you could help create more 'inspiring' games.

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    oma Guest
    its a hard decision for any company to implement something like this, it can maybe take 3 years for them to just make up their mind about it, in the business they are doing its all about the money, in the end money also controls what will be available, this tech is cheap and it doesn't cost anything for them to implement, but it does cost plenty for them to start the manufacuring of it and for have it fail on the market.

    for them its all about if its worth the effort of making money on in it in the end, i doubt my C# programming skills will change anything, and i doubt anyones programming skills will change anything at all with the mainstream market. its not before a product hits a certain popularity where these people implement something like this, seeing the ps3 is at its end of lifetime, this is just a little push for them to cream out extra production with the unit, just like the jb, its good strategy for them too to see if this thing will work on the next generation console too.

    i'm more impressed with the motion controlling unit in the sixasis DS controller hooked up to BT, they should make wheel and sticks which are mounted on this tech to take out the mechanical parts in those units.

    what im trying to say is that unless they are making a controller based on a game we are just going to see the same **** with a twist. i dont understand how this actually worked out, i bet it has something to do with the clueless consumer having too much money and time on their hands. to me the only fps that really makes a difference is quake, and consoles have always been crippled in compared to pc games in the fact that there is no precision controls compared to the mouse for the consoles, everything is basically the same, with indefinetly amount of combinations of keypresses, new monsters and enviroments, but its all the same. look at how the mouse is being developed for the pc now, you have like new brands coming in on the market all the time with their uber high dpi and low response time in their fancy boxes and all theire promises of ownage, the market is so crippled its not even funny, its like people has just started to notice this now as to some of us has been playing around with the shooters since the dawn of quake tweaking our pcs and mices to make a difference in how you execute the game. to even play fps on a console with a gamepad in the first place.. its like an emulated pc with handicap controls, and it has lasted for i dont know how long, now they come out with a controller which calculates movement in 3d and they are assigning it to fps... its a joke. they have no clues, the publishers for the most part are the ones who steers this stupidity and we are not going to see any changes unless the invenTORrrrrrr and the creaTORrrrrr will have his word over the money, it aint gonna happen. so good luck with aiming at targets with the move, not gonna be any good unless they mount it on a machine gun shaft, and i have seen the pistol for the move, and its cool, but its not serious, not serious like pc gaming.

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