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    Video: Killzone 3 PlayStation Move and PS3 3D Preview Arrives

    Currently slated for a February 2011 release, today Adam Sessler has shared a preview video of Killzone 3 for the PlayStation 3 including details on the video game's PlayStation Move compatibility, PS3 3D gameplay, jet packs, weapons and environments.

    Developed by Guerrilla Games, Killzone 3 will take place in various harsh environments such as Arctic landscapes, a lethal alien jungle, nuclear wastelands as well as space battles rather than only the city-scape environment which were present in its predecessors.

    Another notable new feature is the ability to use jet packs in the game, which were seen in Killzone: Liberation, however, these new jet packs will be used in a different manner than that of those that appeared in Killzone: Liberation.

    The game will also feature a revamped close combat melee system which include new brutal melee attacks as well as the ability to string together multiple attacks in a combo.

    Unlike its predecessor, Killzone 3 will feature fully destructible environments which is an improvement from its predecessor which featured only partially destructible environments in limited areas.

    Finally, a new weapon called the WASP has also been confirmed for the PS3 title, which acts as a multi-firing Rocket Launcher.

    Those interested can check out the KZ3 PlayStation 3 preview video below via G4TV!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kablooey Guest
    I hope Rico dies in Killzone 3, for Godīs sake.

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    p5ph4x0rz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kablooey View Post
    I hope Rico dies in Killzone 3, for Godīs sake.
    yeah if not die actually be able to do something other than... damn Radec's Personal Guard battle on hard was annoying because rico couldnt kill anything..

    I am gonna buy this game but stick too normal difficulty incase AI is bad.

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