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Thread: Video: Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 Jetpack Helghast Introduction

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    Video: Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 Jetpack Helghast Introduction

    Just before the weekend we saw the first Killzone 3 PS3 Trailer, and today Korean site (linked above) has made available a Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 Jetpack Helghast introduction video.

    Uploaded by dinsurya to YouTube, the video trailer's caption simply reads as follows: Guerilla Games' Herman Hulst demonstrates Killzone 3's Jetpack Helghast in-game.

    To quote from the site, roughly translated: "Tokyo, Japan, conducted in the past four days Killzone 3 of the experience, taken in 20 seconds with a short cam video of a co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla Games Herman directly demonstrated Mr. Hirst is the world's first public appearance jetpack Abba practical is the video.

    Killzone 3 is in development since Killzone 2's completion, the development began in January last year, while improving significantly the existing engine textures, loading of games, music streaming was significantly improved.

    Released in 2011 with the aim to smooth the development process, and some more details on upcoming E3 2010 is expected to unveil a practical video."

    [imglink=|Video: Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 Jetpack Helghast Introduction][/imglink]
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    Soooo, is this going to be available in 3D? It doesn't matter, I didn't like the game anyways. Just wondering..

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    sharks Guest
    If you don't have the taste to appreciate the best game of 2009 on PS3 (it's a fact, since you need help when talking games. lol), that is obviously your own problem.

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