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Thread: Video: Hungry Giraffe Eats Its Way Onto PlayStation Network

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    Video: Hungry Giraffe Eats Its Way Onto PlayStation Network

    Laughing Jackal Community Manager Ross Brierley has shared a video preview today announcing that Hungry Giraffe is eating its way onto PlayStation Network tomorrow.

    To quote: I'm here to talk to you about our latest PlayStation minis game, Hungry Giraffe, which will be released tomorrow, exclusively and FREE for PlayStation Plus users.

    Hungry Giraffe will then go on general release on the 15th of February for just 2.49/€3.49.

    Hungry Giraffe is our first foray into the endless climbing genre and is based on the experiences* of one particular giraffe who - bored of the foliage of the acacia tree - decided to stretch out his neck to reach the burgers floating in the sky. Using the calories from the burgers to make his neck even longer, he moved from burger to french fries, taco to sandwich, on a desperate quest to stuff his face.

    Of course our giraffe friend had to be wary of several hazards floating in the sky. After all, an anvil to the head seldom does anyone any good and as for poison, well, would you want clean up when a 1200 kg giraffe loses its lunch? Unprescribed drugs are also best avoided, as human medicine tends to have strange hallucinogenic properties when taken by giraffes.

    Of course this is a game and not a documentary, so we've added a few special touches to this real life story**. Hungry Giraffe features some touches of our own, such as stat tracking and achievements.

    Even more amazingly, the technical wizards (hello Paul!) here at Laughing Jackal have come up with a clever system allowing the PS3 version of the game to run at a higher resolution than the PSP allows, so those of you who like to play your games on a nice big shiny screen are in for a visual treat!

    *These experiences may not have occurred.
    ** This really, really didn't happen.

    [imglink=|Video: Hungry Giraffe Eats Its Way Onto PlayStation Network][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Hungry Giraffe Eats Its Way Onto PlayStation Network][/imglink]
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    This game seems like fun, but it is more suited on something with a touch screen like the iPad. Since it isn't too overpriced I still think it's worth it.

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