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    Apr 2005

    Video: How to Pair DualShock 4 Controller with PS3 to Work Wirelessly

    Today YouTube user SuperOriginalA made available a video on how to pair a DualShock 4 Controller with the PS3 to work wirelessly with details below.

    To quote: The DualShock 4 Can Now Be Used Wirelessly On PS3

    The PS4's controller has been compatible with the PS3 since launch, though only if it was connected through a USB wire. However it now appears one of the recent updates allows for you to connect the controller and use it wirelessly.

    I just came across a tip on Reddit (reddit.com/r/PS3/comments/29jpiv/ds4_is_now_supported_wirelessly_after_recent_ps3/) now, and had to try it out for myself, though the console doesn't actually recognize the controller as an official Sony one. The step by step guide is as follows:
    • Connect DS4 with wire to PS3 then turn on.
    • Go to Accessory settings.
    • Select Manage Bluetooth Devices, and start scanning for device.
    • Unplug DS4
    • While scanning hold the PS & Share buttons on the DS4.
    • When the light flashes quickly on DS4 plug back in and select Wireless Controller.
    • Let registration complete and then unplug.

    This isn't full recognition and as a result things like the PS button, as well as the vibrate and Sixaxis functions won't work. But at least there is some support now.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Liongooder Guest
    I am gonna try that right now.

    Didn't work for me, maybe because i am still on 4.55 but it keeps scanning forever so i don't know if its a firmware issue or not.

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    Zarod Guest
    Yeah, update the firmware, it was only with the latest firmware update that it works. This has been noted in other obscure posts.

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    xakmad Guest
    just upgraded to habib 4.60 and this didn't work for me, bummer

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    Dmas Guest
    I am still on OFW and I got the update like an hour ago, I have tired this and the controller will not sync at all. Not sure why.

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    alessandromt Guest
    very cool.

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    tristx Guest
    awesome, thanks

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