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    Video: Heavy Rain PS3 Gameplay Trailer - All In-game Engine

    Today a new Heavy Rain PS3 gameplay trailer video is available which includes all in-game engine footage.

    The video comes courtesy of Vamatt99218 via GameTrailers.com and according to the caption was created using solely real-time in-game engine footage.

    Also below is a leaked Heavy Rain gameplay video of Madison from Famitsu, which comes courtesy of SolidSnakeRD via YouTube.

    To quote from the video's caption: "A new video of the Japanese version of the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain has emerged online. It shows a level of the game which involves Madison Paige."

    Those interested can check them out below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Caveman007 Guest
    This would be a cool way to make a silent hill game but with free combat added. They hold the suspence very well the whole time i watched I wanted to interact with everything she passed by and I couldnt wait to see what happend next. Its like watching your favorite book unfold in front of you but you can be a part of it. I'm sold.

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