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    proskopina Guest

    Video: GT5 PS3 Demo at Nurburgring Nails Sense of Speed

    At the Nürburgring 24-hour circuit a lucky gamer named Michi takes a Lexus out for a spin in the GT5 PS3 demo, and MrTUX82 has uploaded it to YouTube demonstrating Gran Turismo 5's sense of speed.

    To quote: "Using the game's new professional driving physics, the gamer does a bloody good job at posting a respectable time at extreme speeds.

    Now, we're not sure if it's just the quality of the driver, or the choice of camera, but the sense of speed in the following video is palpable.

    Let us know whether you agree in the comments section. We'll hear more about Gran Turismo 5, which is expected to release later this year, at next months E3."

    Circuit: Nordschleife 24h-circuit with GP connection
    Car: racing Lexus - forgot the name sorry :(
    Time: 8'31.144
    Settings: professional driving physics without driving aids
    Wheel: Driving Force GT

    Check out the video below!

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    LIL935 Guest
    This is long awaited news on this game that lacks punctuality, but who has the advantage to do so much to expect from world.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    i'm glad they made the car speeds a bit more realistic. at least now it feels that you're driving fast. With previous GT's you would look at your speed meter driving @ 250 km/h and it felt as if you were driving 100 km/h.

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    silencephaze Guest

    Big Grin

    Can't wait for this game!! DAMN COME OUT ALREADY!!

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    weii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by silencephaze View Post
    Can't wait for this game!! DAMN COME OUT ALREADY!!
    They should release a demo at least. It has been too long since the release of Prologue, and all they did are releasing some videos that is all.

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