Codemasters Community Manager Ben Walke announced that Grid 2 starts its engines today alongside a new PS3 trailer below!

To quote: Wow. It's out! It's been over nine months since we announced it and we've been pushing hard to make GRID 2 the best game possible and deliver a worthy sequel. We're ecstatic to see games shipping to stores and we can't wait to hear what you guys think.

There's a lot of asphalt waiting for you on the disc - the streets of Dubai and Paris, sweeping open roads on the California Coast, tight and twisty ribbons on mountains in Japan, and apexes to nail on circuits like Brands Hatch, Red Bull Ring and the Algarve International Circuit.

As you work your way from rookie to global superstar in World Series Racing with ESPN charting your rise, you take in 14 different locations with 80 different routes set across three continents. It is, indeed, a new world of racing.

Of course, you'll be wanting a car. Or in fact many cars. And our car list is carefully chosen. There are no lame ducks or basic models here; instead we give you only the finest examples of automotive engineering from the last four decades.

There's a huge variation in style - but one thing unites each - they're bursting with personality. And the likes of the Agera A, Pagani Huayra and Zenvo ST1... well, GRID 2′s TrueFeel handling system will take you closer to the feeling of driving these incredible supercars than never before.

I've talked about the locations and cars but you'll need some game modes to go with them. Time Attack, for instance, is all about finding your racing groove, as even though there will be multiple cars on the track it's a race against the clock rather than a tussle for position. Set the fastest lap and you'll finish at the top of the podium, even if you're the fifth car to cross the finish line.

We've got some old favorites in there too, including the return of Drift and Touge which will both test your driving finesse and push your skills to the limits.

So you've played through the single player experience, sinking 30+ hours into it for the 100% completion trophy. Can you do it in multiplayer?

Beat your friends in split-screen or head out to dominate online. Our dedicated multiplayer game takes its cues from the likes of Call of Duty - entirely separate with its own levelling up and upgrade system.

Powered by RaceNet (our free online community hub), you'll get new objectives in the form of Global Challenges and Rivals to race against every week. In fact, RaceNet will send you nine new events to participate in every week, covering a variety of locations and car tiers, meaning there's always something new to take part in.

As well as trying to top RaceNet Global leaderboards, you'll also be competing with your friends and rivals in-game for XP and cash rewards. Oh, and you can upload videos of your best overtakes and metal-bending, carbon-fibre-shattering crashes to RaceNet too.

Of course, shipping the game isn't the end of the story and we certainly won't be downing tools. There's more exciting GRID 2 news to come, but first we can't wait to hear your thoughts.

We're expecting some epic videos to be uploaded from in-game to YouTube and RaceNet will become the perfect destination to check out the best and funniest of what you guys can do. See you on the track!

[imglink=|Video: Grid 2 Starts Its Engines Today, New PS3 Trailer Arrives][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Grid 2 Starts Its Engines Today, New PS3 Trailer Arrives][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Grid 2 Starts Its Engines Today, New PS3 Trailer Arrives][/imglink]
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