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Thread: Video: Gran Turismo Does NASCAR - GT5 Prologue PS3 Trailer

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    Video: Gran Turismo Does NASCAR - GT5 Prologue PS3 Trailer

    Update: Magnus of NeoGAF has now shared (below) the leaked GT5 trailer from the God of War 3 retail release.

    Today Sony Product Marketing Specialist Brian Dunn has proclaimed that Gran Turismo Does NASCAR, and made available a GT5 Prologue PS3 trailer video with Polyphony Digital at the Texas Motor Speedway.

    To quote: I’m sure all of you Gran Turismo fans out there remember that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue featured the Daytona oval and road course layouts.

    And with Gran Turismo 5’s announce trailer at E3 last year, you saw that NASCAR stock cars would be making their debut in Gran Turismo 5, adding yet another official race sanctioning body to the Gran Turismo lineup.

    Rest assured that Kazunori Yamauchi and the hard-working team at Polyphony Digital are putting as much attention to detail into recreating the NASCAR stock cars, tracks and experience as they do with every other element that goes into the Gran Turismo series.

    In addition to visiting the racing team to photo shoot and sound-record their vehicles, Kazunori and crew visited their first NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway last year to witness and experience the scale of a real NASCAR race, the intensity of the pit and the speed of the crews, not to mention the roar and excitement of the crowd.

    We had a film crew on hand to capture some of the action, and I’m happy to share this exciting new video here, giving a hint of what’s to come with NASCAR in Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy the video, and keep checking the blog and the official Gran Turismo website for the latest Gran Turismo 5 news!

    [viddler id=1bd6e269&w=327&h=545]

    [imglink=|Video: Gran Turismo Does NASCAR - GT5 Prologue PS3 Trailer][/imglink]
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    inginear Guest
    nascar does not belong in any gran turismo game. hell, nascar doesn't even deserve to be considered a motorsport. it does nothing to push/advance vehicle technology or driver abilities. the teams killed it when they stopped using real cars and started using purpose built tube frames with model look alike bolt on composite body panels.

    back in the day when they would use cars off of the dealer lots, and remove as much as they could to reduce weight, and tune the engines that were stock, that was racing. now days, i'd rather watch paint dry than any nascar race. before i get flamed by nascar lovers, i was born and raised in the south, and still live in the south. and i have been to a lot of nascar races when i was younger.

    however, once i was introduced to road course racing, real racing, i realized how much was missing from nascar. it's like when someone watches standard def. tv their whole life, then they get introduced to hdtv and see how much better it is, they would not go back to sdtv by choice. nascar, your 15 minutes of fame were up over 15 years ago.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
    nascar does not belong in any gran turismo game. hell, nascar doesn't even deserve to be considered a motorsport.
    I personally think that every motorized vehicle should be in a Gran Turismo game.

    Bring us Motorcycles and Monstertrucks!

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    melissam368 Guest

    Big Grin

    I am pretty excited by this trailer.

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    Some of us may not consider this as important as some of the other breeds of Motorsports, but regardless i think that its something that GT5 needed because it will make the game more attractive to nascar fans and it should sell more copies.

    Also I think its good to have a variety of 'game types' and nascar i would consider to be another game type, that noted I'm not a particular fan of Nascar but I still find it interesting.

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    banksc Guest
    The concern I have is with respect to how many races are won... pitstops. Is there going to be a generic pitstop, or is there going to be ways to make time via one? Pit strategy?

    Obligatory NASCAR rip: What about the crashes? If there is no carnage, no NASCAR fan will want to play...

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