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    Video: God Of War III PS3 Glitch - Float and Walk Through Walls!

    Last week we reported on a God of War III PS3 glitch that gives users all the weapons, and today another has surfaced that allows you to float and walk through walls.

    In the following video you see that Kratos can trudge through a thick wall and even float.

    To quote from atethenojeans via YouTube:

    "Just after the first time you see the Three Judges. This was an accident, but I was able to replicate many times.

    It has no useful aspects, it just happens to be there. Normally you go down the wall instead of jump gliding over the top like I did."

    Those interested can check out the video below!

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    foresttree1 Guest


    unbelievable. just how many glitches are there in this game?! It like the developer did it on purpose..

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    inginear Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by foresttree1 View Post
    unbelievable. just how many glitches are there in this game?! It like the developer did it on purpose..
    there are generally three types of bugs concerning video game development. crash bug, critical bug, and minor bug. and due to time frames given to development companies by the publisher who is paying them for the game, the developers have to do the best that they can with their limited time. developers are constantly pushed to deliver the game, even if it contains minor bugs.

    crash: extremely serious and prevents the player from progressing in the game. can also freeze the game or kick the player out completely and display an error message.

    critical: major functionality problem but does not prevent the player from progressing in the game. examples are a level missing a lot of textures or a major gameplay feature not functioning as designed.

    minor: noticeable by the player but does not detract from the overall game experience. stretched textures and typos are minor bugs.

    this last glitch with walking through the walls i would call a minor bug. also, as that is not the "normal" path to take to get to the next area i would think that not many people would find themselves walking through the same walls as shown in the video.

    bug descriptions paraphrased from "the game production handbook" second edition by heather chandler. it's required for one of my game development classes this semester which is why i have it.

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    wormie123 Guest

    Big Grin

    of course there will be mistakes though. It's all 1's and 0's mad!!

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    killerswine Guest
    That's hilarious. Guess the patch team is working overtime

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    scratchybadger Guest


    A minor bug, and thankfully doesn't really affect the playability of the game.

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