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    Apr 2005

    Video: God Of War III PS3 Demo Arrives on PlayStation Store!

    SCEE's Senior European Product Manager Thach Quach has shared a video to accompany his announcement of the God Of War III PS3 demo arriving today on Sony's PlayStation Store!

    Additionally, Sony's Director of Technology Christer Ericson has confirmed that there will be virtually no loading screens in a recent Tweet, as follows:

    “And since people asked: #GoW3 has seamless loading. No install, followed by 10+ hours of play uninterrupted by load screens!”

    To quote: In case you don't already know, the God of War III demo is now downloadable from PlayStation Store. Make sure you go and get hold of it immediately, you won't be disappointed

    And for those of you who haven't yet seen it, here's the latest trailer where you'll be able to see Kratos inflicting total chaos and destruction.

    That's all for now, I'll be back soon for some more news. Enjoy the demo.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    gravesg Guest


    is this the same demo that was sent out with the pre-orders ?

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    colima Guest
    It's time to give this beast a try..

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    santiago404 Guest
    I'm gonna give this demo a try for sure

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by gravesg View Post
    is this the same demo that was sent out with the pre-orders ?
    If I had to guess, yes, mainly as I haven't read of a second/new GOW3 demo on any other mainstream gaming news sites.

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    KRaZE Guest
    Not to mention with it being so close to release date I'm sure they aren't concerned with pumping another demo out. I, for one, will be standing at my gamestop come midnight seeing how I am unemployed at the moment.

    Kratos, show me the light!

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    Wonderkik Guest
    I didn't got my hands on that pre-order demo but at the beginning of the one on the Ps store, there is a "June 2009". I suppose this is when the demo was built.

    By the way, it is a great demo! It ends just as a movie trailer, gives us a good view of different aspects of the game, and goddammit it's a God of War 3 demo! ^^

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    ElectrixBreaker Guest

    Big Grin

    I just beat that demo! I'm looking forward to buy the ultimate edition.

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