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Thread: Video: God of War III PS3 Blood & Metal EP Out Now

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    Video: God of War III PS3 Blood & Metal EP Out Now

    Today Chris Brown of Roadrunner Records has shared a video announcement stating the God of War III PS3 Blood & Metal EP is out now.

    To quote: We are pleased to announce today the release of the God of War III Blood & Metal EP!

    To kick things off, head over to the Roadrunner Records' music section and check out the music video for Trivium's "Shattering The Skies Above!"

    The video, filmed during the recording sessions for the God Of War III-inspired track, gives an intimate look in to the creation of the song. Trivium's singer Matt Heafy says about the song and how it relates to the game, "Metal is that imagery, metal is that grandiose thing, that violent energy that the game creates. Our song is inspired by the excitement of being involved with God Of War III and it's inspired by the energy of the game."

    [viddler id=1056d469&w=327&h=545]

    God of War: Blood & Metal is available for sale on today (March 2) and of course God Of War III is out on March 16. You can get the album for just $1.99 on March 2 through Shockhound here.

    And hey, while we're at, check out the entire streaming Killswitch Engage track, "My Obsession," along with 30-second samples from the rest of the bands on our site. Rock on!

    [imglink=|Video: God of War III PS3 Blood & Metal EP Out Now][/imglink]
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    Hehe that didn't take long, +Rep KULLPRIT.

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    Thanks for the link.

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