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    Video: God of War III PlayStation 3 - It Only Does Epic Trilogies

    Sony's Senior Vice President Peter Dille of Marketing & PlayStation Network has shared a new God of War III PlayStation 3 video today dubbed: It Only Does Epic Trilogies.

    To quote: It's been fun to watch all the speculation on whether or not God of War III would get its own spot with Kevin Butler. The answer? Of course, how could it not?

    We've been looking forward to the launch of God of War III for some time now (as you all have) as it's one of the best examples of "It Only Does Everything" that you'll find. Where else can you get epic storylines, groundbreaking depth of scale, dynamic 3D realism, and our signature gameplay that is God of War.

    Yes, God of War III will be one of our biggest sales drivers this year, selling multiple millions of copies and becoming a system seller for PS3. It's that good and everything you've heard is true. With more than 35GB of Blu-ray gaming goodness, it's truly a shining example of "Only on PlayStation."

    Some of you already know what to expect from the final installment of this Olympic-size trilogy. For those of you who don't, comparing God of War III's scale and scope to previous chapters is like comparing Kratos' Blades of Chaos to a letter opener.

    We are confident that if you haven't jumped on board yet, this game will certainly be the incentive you've been waiting for to get a PS3. Our hats are off once again to our studio organization for creating another amazing experience.

    I've been saying it for awhile, but the depth and breadth of content on PS3 is unrivaled and will continue to be a catalyst to our sales all year long.

    While the game itself won't be in stores until March 16, many of you dedicated God of War fans have already been feeling the Fury of Kratos at your local 7-Eleven. Already, thousands of vouchers from the cups have been redeemed for exclusive downloadable content. Kratos will also be invading the world of NASCAR.

    On Saturday, March 20, the No. 20 car will be sporting a brand new God of War III and GameStop themed paint scheme driven by Joey Logano during the Scotts Turf Builder 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

    For our die-hard fans, we've produced our first collector's item with the "Ultimate God of War III Edition" which comes packed with exclusive collectibles and downloadable content (priced at $99.99). Several retail partners are seeing huge demand on pre-orders for this edition, so make sure to grab yours on launch day.

    Which brings us back to our good friend Kevin Butler, who will also play his part to promote God of War III with a new TV commercial that begins airing the end of this week. Suffice it to say that Kevin can't possibly ignore the game's star power.

    We will also have a 15 second commercial highlighting all the glowing accolades this game is already garnering. We hope you all enjoy your exclusive access to both commercials here before they hit the airwaves:

    I look forward to hearing your feedback on the commercials and this amazing game.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    xTraS Guest
    thats an awesome commercial God of War 3 will be godlike ^^

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Definately a must have on the PS3. the video isnīt as funny as some of the other ones but Itīs still good. I think that guy is perfect for the ps3 ads.

    keep em coming. thatīs what Sony needs. Lots of advertising. Show off some of these great exclusives. let people know what their missing by not owning a ps3.

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    Apparently Kevin Butler liked the game so much he bought the collector edition GOW3. that's soooo funny.

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    Demon0053 Guest

    love that vid

    that's what im gana do when i get that game im gana get it when i stop playing.

    well i think this game is gonna be a success G4 says, its a 10 out of 10.

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    sftbdiablo Guest

    Thumbs Up

    this game indeed looks like it will take a game of the year award. im looking forward to getting it, its going to be amazing!

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