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Thread: Video: God Of War 3 PS3 Glitch - Skip Battling Hermes

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    Video: God Of War 3 PS3 Glitch - Skip Battling Hermes

    Update: also uncovered a God Of War 3 PS3 Trophy glitch in which you can obtain a trophy without meeting the requirements.

    To quote: "The “Maxed Out!” silver trophy can normally be acquired by upgrading all the weapons in the story mode to the maximum with red orbs.

    To do so, players must string together high combos and painstakingly search for hidden treasure chests throughout the adventure. This can be tough when playing at a higher difficulty levels."

    A God Of War 3 PS3 glitch has recently surfaced which allows users to skip the boss Hermes if they find battling him is too difficult, as demonstrated in the video below courtesy of findlestick via YouTube.

    To quote: Kratos outruns Hermes! Skip the Grapple wall at Hermes.

    This skip was a no brainer really, grapple walls in the past have lent themselves for this type of abuse. I'm not really glitching this game yet, will enjoy a few normal runs through it on all difficulties first. But decided to put this speedrun strat up, saves maybe 20-25 seconds (guessing tho).

    To do the skip you need to:

    1. Roll towards the grapple wall and Kratos will roll off the edge.

    2. Then jump when you are slightly above the swinging grapple point. (If you try to jump before then, there is a wall of collision in your way).

    3. When you've overtaken Hermes, and are just about to land do another jump off some sort of temporary invisible collision and bingo! And you also skip the short cutscene of the first exploding rock that hits the bridge.

    At the end of the vid, Hermes comments on how slow he is compared to Kratos!

    [imglink=|Video: God Of War 3 PS3 Glitch - Skip Battling Hermes][/imglink]
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    Rowin Dincht Guest
    Nice glitch or whatever you want to call it, I personally see it as being a useful trick in order to get past a small part of the game. Too bad stuff like this didn't exist for the trials of the God's challenges in God of War 1.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    So in passing him like this. Do you give up getting his boots? His coin? I just played him as I was at this very part in the game. I'm going through on normal first to enjoy the game. Rather than start off on Titan and rage the whole time, lol. I found him on normal to be rather easy.

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    XSAVAGE Guest
    You dont skip the battle, you still have to battle him, you just skip the grappling part which is not even a battle and not that difficult to just go down the wall and grapple to get to the bridge.

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    AKmania Guest
    I think playing on normal mode is better without skip the battle. I suggest if you want to skip the battle may be in Very Hard mode that might be necessary.

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    proskopina Guest
    i also think this is not a glitch.. is a fastest way to play the game!!! the best game ever made and graphics are the best!

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