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    Video: Get SHAFTing with Kevin Butler for MLB 11 The Show PS3

    Sony Sports Product Marketing Manager Tyler Vaught has posted up a new video today featuring spokesman Kevin Butler for MLB 11 The Show on the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: Sports gamers, MLB 11 The Show has taken sports gaming to the next level, and next level gaming demands next-level trash talk. As you know, features like PlayStation Move compatibility, co-op play and Pure Control only heighten the importance of trash talk in The Show.

    Lucky for you, Kevin Butler is here to help raise your trash talk game. He has been kind enough to enlighten all of us with his groundbreaking 5 step SHAFT-talking program which gives tongue-tied schlubs everywhere the mental advantage they need to make it in The Show.

    Check out his introduction to the SHAFT method below, and be sure to check out each SHAFT method video here.

    MLB 11 The Show is in stores now so if you haven't yet, be sure to pick up your copy today and get SHAFTing!

    Video: Get SHAFTing with Kevin Butler for MLB 11 The Show PS3

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    hahaha SHAFTing! priceless!

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    how stupid.. like that game i guess.

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    This guy is hilarious...

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    or as the locals say 'tijuana' - that was gold.

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