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    Video: GamesCom 2009 PS3 Motion Controller Developers Update

    There were no new motion control live demos from Sony during its keynote at GamesCom, but what we did get was a promise of lots of new information at the Tokyo Game Show later in the year.

    Also, some footage of early demos that Sony's internal studios are working on is now available.

    Below is the developers update video from Sony's GamesCom conference.

    The video's caption reads as follows: The magic wand returns, with a ton of new motion-based tricks up its sleeves!

    Video: GamesCom 2009 PS3 Motion Controller Developers Update

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    cool! i saw some hardcore game & rpg game in the video using the ps wand! awesome!

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    I cant wait!
    haha they're obviously aiming at natal when they say "Gone are the days of throwing you arms about"

    This will be better than natal imho

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    but that game with the flashlight looks really nice and promising.
    perhaps we hear a new anouncement at the TGS

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