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    Video: GaiaSeed: Smooth and Silky Shooter Hits PSN Imports

    MonkeyPaw Games Marketing Manager Ray Almeda has shared a video today announcing that their smooth and silky shooter GaiaSeed hits PSN Imports today.

    To quote: Japanese retro lovers have a special attachment to the shooting genre. Remember the days when shooters ruled the skies?

    So many great games came from that era but not all were shared with the West. Here's one you might enjoy.

    GaiaSeed is for the pure shooter enthusiast. When you get your hands on this one, you'll be taken back to that era. Supremely smooth with a silky techo backbeat, GaiaSeed is one of those lost gems that should have become a classic. The game is guaranteed to satisfy, again and again.

    This horizontal scrolling shooter from Techno Soleil has solid control, precise bullet collision, and a simple power-up system. With six stages, it's not the longest game on the block, but the massively scaling 2D backgrounds and variable difficulty make up for that.

    But the real beauty of GaiaSeed lies in its subtlety. The technique and effects used will give shooter aficionados a work of art to go back to for multiple exposure. The soundtrack stands out for its techno/ambiance mood and adds to the subliminal nature of the work.

    The effects and twists in the game will have you on edge. Thoughtfully presented and wonderfully executed, GaiaSeed is a gem in a haystack. The game is very rare and can be found on eBay in the $150 range so at €4.99/3.99 this is a great game.

    MonkeyPaw will continue to bring you closer to your Japanese gaming roots. We want to deliver all those lost classics from a far-away land that you never thought you'd get your trigger finger on.

    We hope you'll continue to browse our catalogue and pick up a game or two in the Import section.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Remember the days when shooters ruled the skies?
    How could I forget? I love games like these, they remind me of the good ol' days of gaming.

    But how can they compare the actual game disc which is rare, to a game that you can download? Most people will buy this game on CD because of it's rarity, not to play it.

    Like Cheetah Men 2 for the NES, that game could be sold for around $800 even though the game sucked (sucked so much it didn't make it to stores, that's why it's rare ).

    Also I just saw a copy of Cheetah Men 2 for $2499 on Amazon! I could buy 8 PS3s with that money.

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