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Thread: Video: Fresh PlayStation Move PS3 Tech Demo from NYC Event

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    Video: Fresh PlayStation Move PS3 Tech Demo from NYC Event

    For those who'd like to see how the development of Sony's PlayStation Move PS3 motion controller has progressed since E3 2010, today DualShockers (linked above) have shared a fresh tech demo from SCEA's recent NYC media event.

    To quote: "Yesterday we were fortunate enough to hang out with our buddy Anton Mikailov from SCEA at Sony's Holiday media preview event in NYC.

    We caught up with Anton and the PS Move a while back, and although he had some cool stuff to show us last time around, this time I was absolutely floored.

    Anton showcased some never before seen PS Move tech demos; the same demos that are being shown to 3rd party developers and publishers in order to showcase what the PS Move is all about.

    The first demo in the clip, is one you may have seen but just wait until you see the "chameleon" and "Rts" demos. Just think about all of the potential. Amazing is the only way to describe it."

    Those interested can check out the PlayStation Move PS3 Tech Demo from SCEA's NYC Event below!

    [imglink=|Video: Fresh PlayStation Move PS3 Tech Demo from NYC Event][/imglink]
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    Big Grin

    Anton kind of looked at him like he was retarded when he said you couldn't do an RTS on a console...

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    is that the new 3D Eyetoy camera??

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