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Thread: Video: Flower Hits PSN This Week, Go Behind the Scenes Now

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    Video: Flower Hits PSN This Week, Go Behind the Scenes Now

    The President and Co-founder of thatgamecompany Kellee Santiago shared a 'behind the scenes' video of Flower today. To quote:

    Hello PlayStation blogees! We here at thatgamecompany are so stoked that this week "Flower" will be out of our hands and into yours.

    A lot of people ask us what it's been like to work with Sony, so you may have heard us answer this before - working with Sony is a treat. They truly support their developers and their games from start to finish.

    I wanted to mention this as a way to introduce to you this developer diary, where SCEA's Eric Koch and I talk about the ideas behind Flower, and show you how the gameplay works. We hope you enjoy it!

    [viddler id=f2f178a8&w=437&h=288]

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    nukester Guest
    does anyone think this is worth getting?

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    nelak Guest
    I'm buying it.. looks cool

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    why not? feels very relaxing just to watch it, maybe playing it will be even more relaxing and the music and visuals will make up for a great "gameplay". This is a different approach to gaming like they say in the video thats unexplored since I havent played a game that doesnt focus on scores or time limits. The Idea of having new ideas explored whether they lead to something or they dont is a win-win situation for us gamers.

    Sometimes I feel too tired by the worrys I had during the day and I dont feel like playing a video game, I do watch a movie or tv show but I dont play because playing can be stressful and Im running away from that. Even if you are playing a game thats supposed to be fun trying to make a good score, or beating it in less time will not always relax you. So lets see what flower brings to the table and explore those wonderful levels, I hope its priced around 9.99 and not above that.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    Maybe Sony will go for the Nintendo approach for store games. The game looks relaxing and enjoyable while being easy, maybe that will make it boring for some.. its a good change.

    Now that Sony are "fighting" more for exclusive DLC for the PS3, maybe they realise what Microsoft and Nintendo are doing, the strategic approach with DLC and casual/family gaming (Sony's obviously got one but it's all wrong lol, like no BC).

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