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Thread: Video: First Look at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Trailer

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    xpa12 Guest
    I was kinda sad when 13 ended, just because I would really like an RPG that always has new things to do and discover, so i'm kinda happy about this but as has been posted already - lets hope this isnt a repeat of X-2. You just know a super special edition is in the works which any hardcore fan will buy.

    Guess we'll see how it turns out soon enough!

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    Anticleric Guest
    Is it just me, or does this story in these 2 games make everyone want to kill themselves?

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    heri8596 Guest
    13 is not one of my favorites ff, but i'm excited to see how this xii-2 turn out, wonder how the gameplay gonna be (i like 13 battle gameplay, but hate the leveling system)

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    jayhoyee Guest
    I'm playing ffxiii. I must say it's different, but it's still an epic game. Looking forward to xiii-2.

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    Shcotttty Guest
    I freakin love Lightning, she was def one of the best FF characters yet.

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    gmcoringa Guest
    FFX-2 was a game that I couldn't have pacience to finish. The same applies for FFXIII. Following the logic, I think this will be another horrible game.

    As I'm a fan of FF games, I will play it anyway.

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    PaNNaP Guest
    It looks beautiful like the first one and im sure it'll be emotional like it as well.

    on a side note, im still itching for a FF7 1080p remake! like the new abe's oddysee and stranger HD remakes that are being worked on!

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