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Thread: Video: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 E3 Trailer, Doesn't Support 1080p?

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    Starlight Guest

    Video: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 E3 Trailer, Doesn't Support 1080p?

    For awhile now, 1080p has been a topic of great Internet debate as it relates to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.

    In fact, one doesn't have to look for too long via Google search to realize that there is still division as to whether FFXIII supports 1080p.

    The debate ranges to everything from the usual non-specific 'hell yes' or 'hell no' responses, right through to in-depth technical jargon as to whether it is indeed presented in 1080p native (believed to be the best HD quality) or whether it's merely presented in upscaled 720p format (ala Metal Gear Solid 4).


    A little E3 birdy has sent us the word that Final Fantasy XIII may not support 1080p.

    Apparently the PS3 demo of FFXIII was not displayed in full screen mode during its showing, which begs the question as to whether it offers full bells and whistles support for the Full HD setting.

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    rickylyh Guest
    yes, because 1080p it got lag too much.

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    justMaD Guest
    hell maybe!

    seriously, who cares? you're supposed to play the game, not count every grain of sand, even if it's upscaled 720, it will look good!

    also you could discuss back and forth, but that wouldn't change the resolution now anymore, would it? just wait and see..

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    rickylyh Guest
    if you played the demo, you will know, it keep lag on the 1080i/p mode, some people will think it is from bad LCD, but sorry, i am use HDTV CRT, i am sad they fix the lag issue by cut 1080 support

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    Mike85 Guest
    I know id rather have 720p than a laggy 1080p.

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    PimpinPlayah Guest
    I dont care what it runs at so long as it looks beautiful and play great with an amazing story.

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    TheSparky Guest
    I seem to recall reading that the pre-rendered stuff for PS3 (given the BRD) would be in 1080p while in-game would 720p. Honestly though, I can't remember if that's truth or speculation Anyone else remember hearing this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSparky View Post
    Anyone else remember hearing this?
    I remember this older article, which appears to contradict the current one... as you said, it's probably all speculation at this point.

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