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Thread: Video: The Fight: Lights Out PS3 DLC Arrives on PSN Today

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    Video: The Fight: Lights Out PS3 DLC Arrives on PSN Today

    Today US Producer Josh Miller has announced that The Fight: Lights Out PS3 DLC is hitting PSN today alongside a video below.

    To quote: Get ready to step your game up, because PlayStation Move's ultra-realistic brawler, The Fight: Lights Out, is taking the brutal bare-knuckle fighting experience to the next level with two new DLC packs, available today on PlayStation Network.

    First up is The Fight Fitness Pack. Featuring an all-new workout based on variations of the tried and true gym exercises offered in the game, The Fight Fitness Pack helps you shape up with activities like shadow boxing, squat thrusts, lunges, circuit training and more.

    Whether you packed on a few extra pounds over the holidays or you just want the edge of a little extra training before you hit the underground fighting circuit, The Fight Fitness Pack is a must have for only $4.99.

    Next, we're hooking you up with The Fight Timesaver's Pack, an all-access pass to everything The Fight: Lights Out has to offer, right out of the box. Available for $1.99, The Fight Timesaver's Pack gives you instant access to all of the game's unlockable features including new fighters to square off against, different dirty moves to use while taking down your opponents, new accessories and more.

    [viddler id=6529a523&w=545&h=327]

    If you're new to The Fight: Lights Out, learn how to dominate the online competition using the game's one-to-one control, dirty moves and training modes by watching this new trailer, available today on PSN in both 2D and full 3D.

    Visit PSN to access our latest downloads, and be sure to check out both DLC packs when they hit the PlayStation Store later today.

    [imglink=|Video: The Fight: Lights Out PS3 DLC Arrives on PSN Today][/imglink]
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    Anticleric Guest
    Great workout game. Too bad I can't access PSN, I would buy the fitness pack.

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    swolern Guest
    Ya dude this game is freaking awsome. No online sucks cause online fights against another real person is the highlight of the game. It's so realistic fighting someone else online I get an adrenaline rush.

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    kirkyb Guest
    Maybe someone could upload the files or provide the links?

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