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    Video: The Fight: Lights Out PlayStation Move Fitness Report

    Xdev Studio Europe Producer John McLaughlin has shared a video spotlighting how to lose pounds with punches as part of The Fight: Lights Out PlayStation Move fitness report.

    To quote: Workout games are all the rage these days, but rarely do they cater for those of us who don't want to wear Lycra, or repeatedly step on and off a plastic plank.

    If you're lucky enough to have the PlayStation Move at home you'll have heard about The Fight already. It's the world's first true 1:1 motion fighting game starring you as an up and coming street boxer and the irrepressible Danny Trejo as your no nonsense trainer.

    Unlike other fighting games where you can tap buttons in a frenzied fashion to destroy an opponent, or optimistically waggle your controller to land a decent blow on your opponent, The Fight makes you do it for real, and the rewards of this are clearly visible not only in the game but in the real world too, as YouTube user ScruffyExaminer demonstrates below:

    The Fight not only gives you a great fighting game, but also a great workout, so if you'd rather get into shape by beating a digital opponent to a pulp rather than strapping on legwarmers and prancing around to the commands of an aerobics instructor, pick up The Fight.

    Video: The Fight: Lights Out PlayStation Move Fitness Report

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    Nice. I wonder how this would compare to Wii Boxing (which isn't 1:1) and the new Kinect boxing game (not sure if that's 1:1 motion or not, but there's no controllers that you have to hold). I heard from friends that the Kinect boxing is a pretty good workout, and this also looks like a good workout.

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    Looks good, but I think I saw some latency when his character persona was swinging. I don't own a Move yet, but how is the precision really?

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