PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist Locust_Star has shared a video today of PlayStation Home's new full-length game called Enter the Dragon's Green.

To quote: The evolution of the PlayStation Home platform continues this Thursday, September 16th with the release of our full-length mini-golf game: Dragon's Green.

With nine holes of fantasy mini-golf - and four difficulty gauntlets - Dragon's Green is among the richest and most robust gaming experiences available in PlayStation Home, coming complete with awe-inspiring graphics, ultra-addictive game play, and more than a handful of surprises we wouldn't dare spoil for you here.

In the Dragon's Green you can challenge up to three friends at a time and test your skills against dozens of enemy obstacles while uncovering secret challenges and unlocking special rewards.

It's truly an amazing experience possible only on the PlayStation Home platform. We caught up with Jeffrey Gullett, the Producer responsible for bringing you Dragon's Green, to pick his brain regarding the inspiration behind this exciting new space. Here's what he had to say:

There are lots of different mini-golf games out there. But what we wanted to do is to offer our community a new take on this classic game. Our community members had told us that they had wanted more 'fantasy' content for quite a while, so it seemed like the obvious choice to add a fantasy twist to this game.

I like to think of Dragon's Green as a hybrid of mini-golf and pinball - it's not just about sinking the ball in as few strokes possible. If you really want to succeed in Dragon's Green, you'll need to really explore the game and try different things.

The game is designed to be played over and over again and still present players with different challenges. Dragon's Green represents a big step forward in the type of gaming experiences you can expect in PlayStation Home. We hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to enter PlayStation Home this week and play the first three levels of Dragon's Green for free. Then purchase the full version of the game and fulfill your destiny as a mini-golf warrior braving courses where danger lurks at every turn.

While you are in-world, be sure to check out the update to the PlayStation Home Mall, where you can pick up some incredible new virtual items (such as the below pictured costumes).

For the girls, we also have some unique new costumes coming your way this week - check the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (Start > Community > Latest Update) for a full list come Thursday morning. See you in Home!

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