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Thread: Video: DUST 514 at E3 2012: PS3 Beta, PS Home and PS Vita App

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    Video: DUST 514 at E3 2012: PS3 Beta, PS Home and PS Vita App

    DUST 514 Community Manager CCP CmdrWang has shared some video footage of DUST 514 from E3 2012 alongside the Summer PS3 Beta, PS Home and Vita application details today!

    To quote: Hello from E3! We know you're excited and following all of the great stories coming out of the show this year, we just want to briefly touch on some of the DUST 514 news that we've announced this week and we'll be focusing on at the show.

    First and foremost, we have details on our first Beta event of the summer. We know many of you are eagerly anticipating your chance to try out DUST 514, and we're happy to announce that we'll be doing a big wave of invites for our first summer Beta event on June 29, 2012, and will run throughout that weekend.

    This will coincide with an update to the Closed Beta containing what we've got on show at E3 and more, you can see it in action in our latest trailer (link below). If you haven't already, you can register at, and players will be chosen at random to participate.

    But don't worry if you don't make it into this first round; this is just the first of several Beta events scheduled for this summer, and we're going to announce lots of info and chances to join the action in the coming weeks. If you are already in the DUST 514 Closed Beta as of today, you will have "All Access" to the Beta events over the summer.

    Next, starting this week as a part of Sony's Virtual E3 experience, DUST 514 will be fully integrated into PlayStation Home. Our DUST 514 Home Space is a great way for you to get up close and personal with the New Eden universe, and we're really proud of how it's turned out.

    Its a War Barge cantina in the EVE Universe, you can learn about the history of New Eden, hang out, earn awesome stuff like companions and armor for Home, play multiplayer Slay - the incredible strategic board game - and much more.

    In addition, we're very excited to let you know that we are making available a wave of 10,000 "All Access" Closed Beta invites that visitors to the DUST 514 Home Space can earn by completing all the activities inside, with access to all the DUST 514 Beta events over the summer. So hurry and get yours before they're gone!

    That said, the DUST 514 Space will remain live, and new content will be added, so Home users can definitely look forward to additional Beta keys to be distributed through the DUST 514 Home Space in the future.

    Finally, we're ready to talk a bit more about the DUST 514 companion app on the PlayStation Vita, DUST 514: Neocom. The app brings the feel and functionality from DUST 514 on PS3 to Vita, focusing on customization, communication and trade.

    Every character you use can be customized via DUST 514: Neocom, so you can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a ton of different dropsuits, weapons, vehicles, items and more.

    You'll also be able to use Neocom to access the in-game Mail system and Friends List, as well as use the Market to get new stuff for your character from the DUST 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game earned currency) or Aurum (purchased currency). DUST 514: Neocom is rolling out this year alongside DUST 514.

    That's it for now. Be sure to check out the new trailer we've released for E3 which features all new footage of Beta gameplay. Please watch for DUST 514 updates at and after E3!

    Thanks! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

    [imglink=|Video: DUST 514 at E3 2012: PS3 Beta, PS Home and PS Vita App][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    can't wait for thuis bad boy to get here.. OMG awesome

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    Edmarts Guest
    Blatant copy of Starhawk!

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    lordv Guest
    Just got my beta key!!! For those with debugs OR Rebugs that can download from ps store try using this as a service id on a EU account: EP5018-NPEB00777_00

    You can dl it via a ps3 game updater but you must activate it. try using the service id. Or if someone can tell me how I could dump via reactpsn a .rif if you know how to decrypt npdrm 3.6+ and tell me I could probably do it.

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    elser1 Guest
    i dislike betas after the bf3 one. i'd rather wait for the end product,other people can "try make it better for us" LOL and theres no trophies and you don't keep your stats.i never bother playing the ps plus betas, just download and start them for a min or 2 as they usually give you something extra when the game comes out..

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    lordv Guest
    I too didn't enjoy bf3 beta. bfbc2 beta made me buy the game on launch.

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    matt101 Guest
    i for one want to try this out fingers crossed i'll get in

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    lordv Guest
    Beta sucks. Awful graphics

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    spark32 Guest
    Yes the graphics are truely horrible (I also have the beta). I'm guessing that they will be greatly enhanced from where they are now. Right now it looks like a launch PS2 title.

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    lordv Guest
    Also hit detection should be improved. And the collision data is all wrong. I don't think they will like my feedback.

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