Trendy Entertainment Designer / Marketing Director Phillip M. Asher has announced today that Dungeon Defenders is available now for PS3 on PSN and shared a video trailer of the title in action below.

To quote: Dungeon Defenders is launching TODAY on the PlayStation Network! It's been a long time coming, but we're excited to finally be here and have our hard work on PSN for all of you to enjoy.

To commemorate today's fantastic news, we wanted to give all of you a sneak peak at some of the awesome and EXCLUSIVE pets (or familiars) you can get simply by playing Dungeon Defenders with Playstation Plus.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense/action RPG/hack-and-slash hybrid that supports four player, drop-in/drop out co-op with persistent and fully customizable characters across four classes. And on top of all that , there are pets: unique and upgradeable familiars that follow you and assist you in your quest, either by attacking enemies, healing you, repairing your towers, granting you extra mana, or more!

Here are the exclusive PlayStation Plus familiars:

Cowboy Monkey: Has dual-banana pistols that he shoots at close-range, and a sniper-banana rifle that he unleashes at far range, and wears the PS Plus logo on his hat (!)

Drakon the Dragon: A special dragon that has very good stats for its level, this critter will attack any nearby enemies with flame.

Naimi the Fairy: A special fairy that has very good stats for its level, she'll heal you and nearby allies when you need it.

Cog the Robot: A special robot that has very good stats for its level, it'll bash nearby enemies with a barrel-roll attack, knocking them back and doing serious damage.

We hope you enjoy Dungeon Defenders and hope to see you online later this week!

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