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    Video: DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 Revealed in New Trailer

    Sony Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Shuman has revealed DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 alongside a new PlayStation 3 video trailer today!

    To quote: Sweet, sweet Tokyo: the succulent ramen, the unparalleled electronics district, the red-hot video game rebirths.

    If you've been following our Twitter, you know about Capcom's biggest Tokyo Game Show announcement.

    Devil May Cry has been reborn as DmC in a soup-to-nuts re-imagining of the classic PS2 and PS3 action series. The results are undeniably striking, and are bound to trigger debate and discussion among series diehards for months to come. Judge for yourself - take a look at the debut video for DmC below.

    In an international twist, British-based Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory is co-developing DmC with Capcom's Japanese and US studios.

    The game is still shrouded in mystery, with few details relating to the setting (a strange urban environment with City 17 overtones a la Half Life 2), the combat mechanics (Dante's sword appears to change shape at whim), the demonic enemies (marionette-like creatures not unlike those from the first game), or a release date.

    That said, DmC brought a rousing round of applause from the crowd when it was unveiled at Capcom's Tokyo Game Show event alongside Capcom's other major announcement: Asura's Wrath for PS3. What do you think?

    Video: DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 Revealed in New Trailer

    Video: DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 Revealed in New Trailer

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    what i think is that capcom has lost it if orignal dante is not in the game then its not dmc and if they really want to sell this they should change the name of the game and they should call it twilight devil crys 1, this is bs.

    i will be happy to wait another 2 three years for the real dante game.

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    Remember when Dante was cool? He looks silly now.

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    More like Devil May Crap. Why do they want to do a reboot when it's not needed?

    That american emo in the trailer has no right to be Dante. Looks too much like twilight.

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    I really don't like this new look for dante.

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    Guess his new look is the reason the Devil may cry.

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    So... This is teen Dante? Or... what? Did he have an illegitimate child with someone and out comes his btard baby? Either way, the main character looks like he likes to take it in the pooper

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    LOL, Dante looks dumb as hell in this game. Go play the old one, where he looks badass!

    I'll take a Strawberry Sundae please (Devil May Cry Anime/Cartoon series )

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    i'm going to cry now lol... damn man they're ruining my best video game character!

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    Man I really hate the new Dante. Why they have a new one? Why don't they use the old one. It is much more cooler with the old one! And why they remake dmc1 instead of dmc6? I am really not happy now.

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