Candygun Games Managing Director Roger Joswig has announced today that Dead Block hits PlayStation Network on July 19 and has shared a video trailer for the PSN title below.

To quote: I'm writing for our small game development start-up Candygun Games based in Hamburg, Germany.

We've just finished our first original game: Dead Block - A 1950's Horror B-Movies inspired action defense game. I'm very happy to bring Dead Block to PS3 gamers via PSN on July 19th in the U.S!

Dead Block is a zombie game set in America's 1950s during the birth of rock 'n roll music - a music so bad, so evil that it summons the dead from their graves to eat brains!

Luckily, you are protected inside a building and you know how to defend yourself with blockades and traps. The game is a third-person action strategy mix with an old-school B-movie horror theme and cartoon-inspired art direction. Dead Block doesn't take itself too seriously; humor is a big part of the game's presentation.

During gameplay, you'll be trapped inside the building and you can use everything you find in order to build blockades and wicked traps. If zombies break in, players fight the intruders with smart bombs and rock 'n roll music. Single-player and up to four player split-screen is supported.

Candygun Games was founded in 2010 with a few friends. With the concept of Dead Block, it was easy to get the team together and to make our vision come true - being an indie studio that focuses on innovative downloadable games for consoles.

Dead Block is our first title as an indie studio and we're very excited! If you want to know more about our studio, please visit our official site. And if you want to know even more about Dead Block, read our huge developer Q&A on!

Finally, we have prepared a special Dead Block dynamic theme for PS3 owners, and it will arrive alongside the Dead Block demo and full game tomorrow.

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