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    Video: DC Universe Online PS3 Release Date & Pricing Confirmed

    European Product Manager Elliott Linger has confirmed the release date and subscription pricing for DC Universe Online PS3 today alongside a video trailer.

    To quote: It's gone gold! We can now confirm the DC Universe Online is in production and winging your way (perhaps a little bit sooner than you thought it would?).

    Here are the release dates:

    PS3 & PC versions:

    - 14th January 2011: UK & Ireland
    - 12th January 2011: Rest of PAL

    And both versions come complete with a 30 day subscription key.

    Though, please note, depending on where you're based, some stock may take a little longer to arrive in stores due to manufacturing and the festive break. So, please double check with your local retailer.

    Below are the final packshots for the PS3 and PC versions:

    The first current-gen console MMOAG, (massively multiplayer online action game) DCUO throws you into a huge interactive environment where you take control of your own uniquely created character and engage with other players, whether chatting and creating new friendships, teaming up on adventures or taking part in fierce battles.

    Because the world you're playing in is constantly online, it's always evolving - you may go away for a few weeks, come back and discover whole new areas or people. The more you keep coming back, the more you'll find and enjoy.

    Being an MMO, DCUO does require you to have an active subscription to enter the game. Here are the subscription packages available in PAL:

    - 1 Month - €12.99
    - 3 Month - €34.99
    - 6 Month - €64.99
    - 12 Month - €124.99 (Available on PC only)
    - Lifetime Subscription - €179.99 (Available on PC only)

    PC fans can also download the PC version from Station, Steam and IGN D2D.

    For those of you that want a little more information on DCUO, check out our "What is DCUO?" article over at PlayStation.com.

    Also, the PlayStation Plus beta is still available, so if you want to jump in and experience this brand-new console MMO experience for yourself - head to the Store now and download the launcher.

    There will be plenty more to come on DC Universe Online over the next few weeks. However, in the meantime, for those of you that haven't seen this already, I'll leave you with the game's ever impressive opening cinematic.

    In DC Universe Online - The Next Legend Is You!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kal2009 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    Bah humbug!! I was looking forward to this game but not anymore! Subscription charge?? I've never played anything similar like WOW because of the charges.

    I bet a lot of people buy this not realising there's this hidden charge. Very bad that PC users get 12 and lifetime packages but consoles dont!

    Now removed from my wanted list

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    inginear Guest
    i'm not a fan of subscription games either. they charge "full price" for the game itself, and then they charge a monthly fee. greedy much? if a game has a subscription that is necessary to play, why not offer the game disc for $5 which will more than cover the cost for the disc and box/packaging.

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    kal2009 Guest
    The idea behind the game is very good!

    But like you say greed has definitely taken over here! You make a good game and you reap the rewards!
    Look at black ops now, its made 1billion in 2 months!

    On the flip side look at bionic commando, in my eyes an excellent game but the firm went bust, can easily happen!! and I wonder where your subscription money would go if it did??

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    tjay17 Guest
    This is ridiculous $60 for a game then $15 a month to play it is way too much.

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