SCEE Blog Manager James Gallagher has posted up a video from this year's GamesCom showcasing DC Universe Online for Sony's PS3 entertainment system.

To quote: While thousands of eager gamers ran around the show floor at gamescom, behind closed doors, members of the press were treated to demonstrations of some of the hottest upcoming PlayStation 3 games.

One of these was DC Universe Online and I was able to attend and get my first eyes-on of the superhero action MMO running on a PS3.

We jumped straight into a quest, with the developer playing the game choosing a hero based loosely on Batman, with high agility, enabling him to run up walls, a powerful sword and a suitably brooding outfit and cape.

He had been sent by The Caped Crusader to rescue Robin from the clutches of Harley Quinn. First, he had to fight off a horde of cronies using melee and special attacks, including a force field that imprisons foes in a sphere that can be picked up and thrown around the world.

This demonstrated the realistic physics that can be used to your advantage and sets the game apart from other MMOs. One arena was littered with giant balls, in keeping with The Joker's maniacal playground environments. With skilful attacks, you can send them rolling around the room, crashing into damages and gaining more hit points.

The player then unleashed a smoke bomb, allowing him to demonstrate the stealth elements which will be a large part of the action, depending on which abilities you grant to your character. We were told that, alongside agility, you can equip flight, super speed and many more, and more 90 recognisable DC characters will be popping up from time to time at launch.

This appearances will happen mostly during quests, which are punctuated by gorgeous cut-scenes from the game's Creative Director, Jim Lee. They play out like moving comic strips with voice acting from such talent as Mark Hamill, playing The Joker.

To close, we heard that Gotham City and Metropolis would be the two playable areas available at launch, with more planned as the game evolves.

There, as the presentation ended, I began my plot to tyrannise Gotham with a flying badger called Andy who only dresses in pastel green (this is not official badger confirmation... just a dream).

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