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    Video: David Jaffe Talks PSN Game Sharing and PS3 DLC

    Not long ago several developers voiced their opinions on PSN game sharing, and today on his blog video game designer David Jaffe clarifies his Tweet against PSN game sharing as well as his stance on PS3 DLC.

    For those unaware, David Jaffe is best known for directing the PlayStation Twisted Metal series and more recently God of War.

    Check out the video below (starting at minute mark 2:42 onward) and from his blog entry, to quote:

    "FINALLY got my video blogs working again! Pardon the bed head and the messy office. Between tons of work and 2 sick kids at home, it's been a hell of a week so far!"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Personally, I disagree with a lot of what he says. IMO, people buy their 5 downloads, and once their used their used. Also you can only give the content to 5 people period. Meaning if I allow 5 people for instance to get on my account and download battlefield 1943, I can't then allow 5 different people to log on and download the latest little big planet costume. So it's locked to 5 people and only 5 people. (Unless you deactivate your account....)

    Also, although it's legal to do that disc crap where you lock content and make people buy the unlock. I think it's a very, very, very cheap move for the most part. There are few times when I would say it would be okay, but locking character skins, that's BS.

    It all comes down to opinion. Though it is illegal because you signed a agreement when you signed up for PSN, I think as long as you only have those 5 people enjoy the game, it's fine. I am not saying you should do it, but I think you should be allowed to. (Just covering my butt )

    Also, this isn't piracy. Piracy is stealing treasure on the high seas, or uploading files to a site that something did not originally come from to give away for free. This is giving someone a user name and password to download content that you paid for, and according to the terms of use have the rights to download on up to 5 PlayStation 3's.

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    I just can't stand his potty mouth personally... it's like he was talking to someone at a bar, but ahh well, at least he elaborated on it as most developers wouldn't even spend their time doing such a thing so props to him for that.

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    victorinox Guest
    ^ I think he just likes to see people jump, sorta a ego thing... Since any others *hell most other game devs even* wouldn't get their video's/opinions posted as news =P

    as far as sony, and gamesharing... just because your break the terms of service you just lose your right to service, there is no legality involved... IE sony can delete your account, ban you, or deny you your slots back... but they cant sue you for breaking the terms, unless you break a real law like using stolen credit card money =P

    as far as gamesharing, David and a lot of people forget that every trade does not mean a loss... Capcom charged 4 usd for costume pack ONE, i dont think many people are sitting here going 4 usd for some costumes on the disc? DEAL! their going... if i trade/share its about a dollar which will get capcom money! also in my time trading, and as i've said in the past, nothing that trades commonly sold badly and nothing that trades poorly sold well

    Fat Princess = No complaints from lack of money or anything... Very common trade/desired game *i got like 8 accounts with it on there*

    Fret Nice = according to ps3trophycard.com only 50 people have a trophy from this game and ive seen zero trades for/or offering... this game failed on its own nothing else

    finally as i said people will always buy ___ game, and it doesnt mean that just because i trade every dev loses out... I got 3 accounts with battlefield 1943/Spelunker/2 with spelunker black/etc each time i trade with them, thats 1 less person who could get a copy of those via trade and again raises sales =P

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    Transient Guest

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    Who does he think he's kidding?

    He points out that game sharing is not like giving your friend a disc since only one person can play a disc at a time, yet 5 people can play a game shared title at the same time.

    What he fails to understand is that this is a problem of their own doing (or Sony's anyway). They don't allow for any mechanism of legally transferring DLC from one PS3 to another.

    In addition to that, you could share your disc with 10+ friends, yet you still can only share your DLC with 5. And just because 5 friends share DLC, doesn't mean they would have bought 5 copies if it wasn't an option.

    I'd like to ask David how many pirated copies of God of War III are out there? Oh that's right, none! Yet for some reason that doesn't equate to cheaper games on the PS3...

    David can talk all he wants but at the end of the day he's just trying to justify taking more dollars out of your pocket.

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    kidkadian Guest
    the issue here is really the fact that people just click thru the EULA, when you agree to their crap you sign away your rights to play and share the game. This rant is the result of lawyers talking to game designers and finding common ground... making as much money off of their IP.

    it is not as if you wouldn't try to do the same if it was your property, but that isn't the issue. The issue is how big companies can use tech to take away or restrict access to things that they sell us, only to hit us up again for more money later so we can read the next track of data. This in the end hurts the end user experience, and makes people not want to buy your game.

    It just sucks that as a user that is the only way to make the market work for us, but that is also what drives people to hack their machine. Which only drives this vicious cycle around and around.

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