Creat Studios Vice President of Development Scott Hyman has introduced SkyFighter on PlayStation Network alongside a video trailer today.

To quote: Scott here again from TikGames-Creat Studios, happy to let you all know about our latest game for PSN, SkyFighter, now available in Europe for €9.99/7.99.

Are you brave enough to take on the best of the best? Are your flying skills good enough for the elite SkyFighter airborne squadron? If so, then prepare to engage the hostile enemy fleet in side-scrolling aerial combat.

Day or night, over land or sea, SkyFighter's fast-paced missions will enlist you to bomb the enemy's equipment and fortifications, shoot down their fighters with your machine gun and destroy their hostile bombers with your missiles.

Pilot all kinds of aircraft, from light, aerobatic, manoeuvrable fighters to the devastating flying fortress. The action isn't all dogfights, either. Stealth Missions require you to take cover in clouds, avoid search lights and dodge floating air mines. Prepare to battle heavily armoured trains, powerful battleships and even the monstrous enemy fortress.

Be sure to make some room on the couch for local multiplayer. Recruit a partner for two player Campaign Mode. Or, when you need a break from performing missions and saving the world, gather your friends and show them how you dominant you are. In the Dogfight Mode, up to eight players can test their stunt flying skills and determine who really rules the skies.

SkyFighter supports full 1080p High Definition, custom music and SIXAXIS controls. You can even shake your controller to extinguish the flames when your plane is on fire!

Everyone at TikGames and Creat Studios is thrilled to bring our eleventh (yes, eleventh!) title to PlayStation Network. We do hope you enjoy the high-flying action of SkyFighter, and we want to know what you think.

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