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    Video Comparison: Trico Leak and The Last Guardian Debut

    Over the weekend JoyStiq shared a video comparison of both the old Trico leak and some recent footage from the newly dubbed title: The Last Guardian.

    To quote: When we first saw the year-old leaked footage for Team ICO's third game - then known only as "Trico" - We had two thoughts. First: we really want a kitty dragon; and second: we wonder what the game looks like now.

    Lucky for us, Sony's E3 keynote answered the latter, with a fresh dose of video footage of the game, newly dubbed The Last Guardian.

    Here's the thing though: the first three and a half minutes of the trailer were shot-for-shot identical to the leak, with obvious visual enhancements and that got us thinking: a video comparison!

    Our very own Richard Mitchell painstakingly stitched the two videos together above for your enjoyment. On the left: The Last Guardian. On the right: Trico.

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    saviour07 Guest
    i felt for the first couple minutes of the comparison that the environment details wer rendered a lot better in the original "trico" video compared to the new "last guardian" video.

    It's only when it reaches the point where the boy is running down the corridor and hangs off the cliff that i noticed the kitty dragon was rendered better and that the water detail looked sharper in the last guardian. i hope there not already making sacrifices in quality for certain aspects of the game

    however the gameplay footage looked amazing! cant wait to see more about this game

    by the way, great job on the comparison video rich

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