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    Video: Coming to PSN this Week: Magic Orbz Winter Pack for PS3

    Director of Business Development at Creat Studios Scott Hyman has shared a video, and revealed today that Magic Orbz Winter Pack for PS3 will be hitting PSN this week.

    To quote: It's Scott Hyman, back yet again with news about more fun content from TikGames-Creat Studios. I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season.

    First off, we're making a change. The coolest brick-breaker on PlayStation Network has a new name, and some great new content to go along with it.

    What was once Magic Ball is now MAGIC ORBZ!

    So, I know what you're thinking: "That is the greatest name that I've ever heard in the history of gaming, and I wish that I thought of it myself." No, that's not it? OK, then it's, "I am so impressed. Everything really does sound much better if you just add a 'z' at the end."

    Not that, either? How about, "Well, now that it's called Magic Orbz, I simply have to play it. How could I possibly pass that up?" See...that IS what you're thinking. You just don't know it yet.

    But seriously, we like the sound of it, and we like to play it even more. And to make you really love the name, we made a new Add-On Pack so you can stay up super-late trying to beat every new level and lose even more sleep while singing the praises of Magic Orbz.

    For those of you not familiar, Magic Orbz presents a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay, enabling players to bust apart bright, colorful 3D environments, piece by piece. Using realistic physics and a super-high-tech system of object destruction, Magic Orbz is presented in stunning 1080p with Multiplayer Online and in-game live voice communication.

    The new Winter Theme Add-On Pack is filled with penguins, igloos, polar bears, and lots and lots of snow and ice, featuring 25 new levels to creatively destroy, and new trophies to discover. The Winter Theme Pack will be available for $2.99 this Thursday, January 14th in North America.

    For those that have already enjoyed the wonder of Magic B... err, Magic Orbz, a patch is available to properly rename your favorite PSN game!

    As always, everyone at TikGames-Creat Studios thanks you all for your support, your feedback, and your purchase. We all work very hard to bring you great games, and we make sure to read everything that comes our way from our fans. We can't do what we love without you!

    Video: Coming to PSN this Week: Magic Orbz Winter Pack for PS3

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    Was waiting for this on last weeks update but it only came out for the EU store last week. North America gets it 1 week later (This weeks update). Looks fun, girlfriend will have fun with this one.

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    Looks cute, and a total gf game day with this

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