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    Video: Codemasters Bodycount PS3 Game Footage from E3 2011

    Codemasters Community Manager Benjamin Bateman is here with some fresh video footage from E3 2011 of Bodycount on the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: Bodycount is back and I'm here to divulge all the juicy intel. The Codemasters Guildford studio has been tightly clammed since last year's E3 so you'd be forgiven for asking, what is Bodycount?

    Bodycount is an adrenaline-inducing, explosive torrent of action, destruction and gun ecstasy. It's an FPS that puts the fun back into firepower. But these words can barely do it justice, so here's our brand new gameplay trailer from E3.

    Right off the bat you can see the explosive boom-stick that is the shotgun, and it really sums up what Bodycount is. This isn't just another shooter; this is a gun centerfold that gives you amazingly satisfying guns that you will never forget.

    The mantra in the team has been 'gun, bullet, world' - everything is focused on the experience of squeezing the trigger, hearing bullets tear through the air and watching them obliterate enemies and the environment.

    Every gun has been carefully crafted for your gaming pleasure. Bodycount has everything from a deadly pistol all the way up to super-charged futuristic weaponry used by your elusive enemies, 'The Target'.

    Bullets, naturally, are never in short supply and but it's their effect in the world that completes this glorious firing feedback loop as you shred through enemies and the environment. Whether it's wood, glass, body armor... it rips up and splinters as you unleash the pain on the world around you.

    It doesn't just look cool and make you feel great, but it gives you the opportunity to rip through your enemies cover, and they in turn yours. It makes for an unstoppable river of pyrotechnics as you travel the globe you get to tear through warzones in Africa, city streets in Asia and mysterious bases as you hunt the 'Target' across the globe.

    There's only so much we can fit into one blog post, so this is where we hand the reins over to you. Have you got a question for the developers? Who are the 'Target'? Perhaps you want to know what multiplayer modes are up for grabs? Whatever your question just put it into the comments and we'll pick it up for a Community Q&A in the following weeks.

    Video: Codemasters Bodycount PS3 Game Footage from E3 2011

    Video: Codemasters Bodycount PS3 Game Footage from E3 2011

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    Like it, looks like my type of game.

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