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    Apr 2005

    Video: Beyond Good & Evil HD Hits PSN in May, Pre-order Perks

    Today Ubisoft Associate Producer Eric Damian-Vernet has shared a video trailer and confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil HD hits PSN in May, 2011.

    To quote: Beyond Good & Evil HD is coming to the PlayStation Network in May 2011. Fans of the 2003 cult classic will be able to relive the adventures of Jade as she uncovers a planet-wide alien conspiracy that is taking over Hillys.

    At its time, Beyond Good & Evil was considered one of the top adventure games on the PlayStation 2, and soon you'll be able to play it in HD on your PS3.

    With the HD release of the game, you can expect to see the same type of care Michel Ancel and his team has when they designed the original game. Dive deep into the beautiful world of Hillys as Jade encounters different species of animals and enemies.

    Along with the visuals, we have also updated the audio allowing you to experience the 2004 AIAS nominee for Oustanding Achievement in Original Music Composition and Oustanding Achievement in Sound Design. All this combines into the best version of Beyond Good & Evil yet.

    Along with releasing an HD version of one of our beloved classics, we are giving away a special present to PlayStation Network members who pick up the game within the first two weeks.

    Gamers who purchase Beyond Good & Evil HD within two weeks from launch will receive two free avatars. Decorate your PlayStation Network card with a Jade or Pey'j avatar to show your friends that you're the biggest BG&E fan.

    Look for more info on the re-release of Beyond Good & Evil on the PlayStation Network as we get closer to May. To join the community of BG&E fans, visit our Facebook page.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    wow yet another texture packed re-release with the initials HD liberally splashed around as if they were in anyway relevant to the content? This is now getting quite sad because people are obviously buying this type of rubbish otherwise there'd be no demand.

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    shabutie78 Guest
    too bad the game is in HD, and the term "HD" isn't just tacked on.

    otherwise, your post would make sense.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    upscaling an 8 year old game engines output to 1920x1080 (if they even bothered to do that) doesn't make it HD.
    upscaling textures in a game doesn't make a game HD.

    The fact of it is HD has little to no actual significance in games at all as it's a video standard and doesn't take into account how a game engine actually renders an image. There's only a small number of PS3 games that actually render in 1080p (the closest viable comparison to the term HD and a game) to begin with.

    But the HD arguments aside it doesn't change the fact that Sony are obsessed with ports and remakes at the minute.

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    shabutie78 Guest
    it's not an argument about the technicalities of what is and isn't HD. it's a simple port/remastering in HD - it's a higher resolution.
    if you want to be that specific about it then why don't we just say that all PS3 games are not in HD since they're all upscaled from one resolution or another.

    also, what's wrong with re-releases and ports?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well apart from the fact that it's a very obvious attempt to promote the soon to be released but long over due sequel because they think gamers are that stupid they can't remember the first one, it's just plain lazy and developers (and more importantly publishers) constantly sticking to old IPs is what effectively stifles creativity and innovation in the games industry.

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    swatpup32 Guest
    Regardless, the game is still amazing, but yeah I wouldn't buy it again. However, if you haven't played it before it's worth 10~15 bucks. If it's more then that you'd better off trying to get it used.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    YES! This is my favorite game of all time and I would love to see it in HD, and I recommend everyone to buy it, even if you have the original one. It will help further the development to the sequel.

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    nemesis63 Guest
    They should make new games instead of remaking old ps2 games. Ps3 have so few games compared to ps2's wide collection.

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