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    Video: Behind the Scenes of Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3

    Product Manager Ross Alexander shared a glimpse today behind the scenes of Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3 in a new video below.

    To quote: Hi everyone, today we're unveiling the second of our four-part Making Of series for BEYOND: Two Souls.

    Hear from writer/director David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream on what BEYOND will be like to play, and how the team redesigned the user interface to provide a more intuitive and immersive gameplay experience than the studio's previous title, Heavy Rain.

    We'll have the third part of the series next week, which will dive into more detail on the year-long motion capture shoot that was undertaken for BEYOND: Two Souls, and you'll hear from lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe on what it was like to be involved in such an ambitious project.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Making of Beyond: Two Souls Video Focuses on Gameplay

    Sony has released a new making of trailer for Beyond: Two Souls. The video features insight from writer and director David Cage, among others, who discuss how Quantic Dream designed the user interface in a bid to provide a more intuitive and immersive gameplay experience than the studio’s last title, Heavy Rain.

    Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive is billed as a psychological action thriller covering 15 years in the life of protagonist Jodie Holmes (played by Ellen Page), who possesses supernatural powers through a psychic link to an invisible entity.

    Lead gameplay designer Caroline Marchal says in the video: “What we tried to do in Beyond is create a really intuitive and immersive experience, so we created a very discrete user interface with only white dots on screen and very simple controls.” Cage adds: “I guess what we’re looking for with the gameplay is really is to find an interface that will allow you to play 'life'. We tried to get closer and closer to the ideal interface where you don’t think any more, you just do it.”

    Sony has confirmed a Beyond: Two Souls release date of October 8 in the US and October 11 in the UK. In May, we published a spoiler-free Beyond: Two Souls preview, in which we said: “We were completely absorbed by Beyond's strange cocktail of film-watching and game playing. The best stories stay with you long after they’re told and it’s already doing that. You’re either ‘in’ or you’re not when it comes to Quantic Dream games. Based on what we’ve just seen, we’re definitely in.”

    Source: gamesradar.com/making-beyond-two-souls-video-focuses-gameplay/

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