Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov has introduced StarDrone today for PS3 which is now heading to PlayStation Network.

To quote: We are excited to introduce StarDrone, a game designed with a perfect blend of high-speed physics and pinball action, with strategic elements of break-out and object collection.

From a top-down perspective, you pilot the spacecraft across the galaxy, collecting pieces of Equilibrix in order to restore the balance of the universe and stop the expansion of evil G-Noids.

To add to the challenging gameplay, your spacecraft is always in motion and you don't have any direct control over it, only a grapple-hook which you can use to push and pull your craft into the orbit of specific nodes located all over the game field.

Cause your attackers to crash with rapid speed while collecting gems and power-up enhancements. Overcome perilous hazards and elude zillions of enemies in an effort to complete each stage with a record score. With simple gesture controls and unique, intuitive gameplay mechanics, StarDrone is friendly to beginners, at the same time challenging enough to bring you back for more and more.

The game is created for PlayStation Move motion controller, but it plays well on both the DualShock 3 and PlayStation Move controllers. However, Sony's motion controller is the more precise method of control, where you are pointing at specific node with an on-screen cursor and pressing the Move button to hook onto it.

With 50+ levels of gameplay (each has own leaderboards with friends filter) and global scoreboards, you can engage in intergalactic battles with people from all over the world, and the 3D-TV support coming via upcoming game update gives StarDrone a level of realism not found in other titles.

StarDrone is available now from the European PlayStation Stores for 6.29. PlayStation Plus subscribers can purchase the game at 50% discount.

[imglink=|Video: Beatshapers Introduce StarDrone for PlayStation 3 on PSN][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Beatshapers Introduce StarDrone for PlayStation 3 on PSN][/imglink]
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