Today Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer Gabe Graziani has revealed the Assassins Creed Brotherhood PS3 Upay rewards alongside of some new video footage below.

To quote: Today we're revealing the Upay Rewards for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood! Here are some of the rewards you can get, the full list is available on!

- Florentine Noble Attire - 20 Units to unlock
- Altair's Robes- 20 Units to unlock
- Hellequin Multiplayer Character - 40 Units to unlock

For those that are not too familiar with Uplay we strongly suggest you watch the video made by UbiGabe, your Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ComDev, detailing how to unlock these cool rewards.

You also get to see the Hellequin for the first time! You sure are VIPs.

[viddler id=181c6521&w=545&h=327]

[imglink=|Video: Assassins Creed Brotherhood PS3 Upay Rewards Revealed][/imglink]
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