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Thread: Video: Amy on PS3 Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror

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    Video: Amy on PS3 Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror

    Today Djamil Kemal at Lexis Numerique has posted up a video trailer announcing that Amy for the PS3 is returning to the roots of survival horror.

    To quote: As we get closer to the release of the game, which will be early next year, we wanted answer a question that has been asked many times: what kind of survival-horror game is Amy?

    How do players cope with enemies? What kind of weapons can you use?

    To answer those questions and more, we created the following video just for you:

    As you can see, Amy is not about giving you huge power against enemies and giving players an action-oriented experience. Amy goes back to the roots of the survival-horror genre, and provides edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep you wondering what's around the next corner.

    While most games in the genre choose to either be action- or combat-based, or instill fear by making players feel vastly less powerful than their enemies, Amy combines the best of both worlds.

    Paul Cuisset, the man behind Amy (and classic games such as Flashback), wanted to a new dimension, which is the cooperation between Amy and Lana.

    Playing as Lana, you will have to decide whether you want to hide and avoid combat, or fight by using whatever weapons you can find.

    As highlighted in the last video, you can use Lana's vulnerability to the infection to walk amongst enemies undetected, or use Amy's special abilities, which you can see a glimpse of at the end of this video.

    This makes you consider many options before trying to fight: hiding, asking Amy to go away, or using her special powers to defeat your opponents.

    But as we like to encourage players to exercise their right to choose, if you want to fight, go ahead and try. You won't always be able to win, but those who don't try will never know...

    [imglink=|Video: Amy on PS3 Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror][/imglink]
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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Looks like a good game, I'm surprised she can't use a gun as a weapon but a wooden stick will do. This really isn't my type of game though, I hate it when you have to "sneak" past enemies, I just want to pull out a gun and kill everyone Rambo style.

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    moja Guest
    What, the ability to use weapons without aiming? Could be a good session until the next RE.

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    dsavage Guest
    there should definitely be guns an stuff... just as an option for gamers who like them.

    without proper weaponry a lot of people will be turned off, just like i never really liked silent hill games... i prefer old school resident evil over them all the way since you can get good weapons an blast away at zombies like a savage.

    oh well, still looks like a new decent horror game.

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