Art and Designer Michael Michael at PomPom Games has made available some new video footage while announcing today that Alien Zombie Mega Death will be hitting the PS3 on June 21, 2011.

To quote: Make sure you have $8 in your PlayStation Store wallet come June 21st and prepare yourself for one of the most ridiculously intense shoot-em-ups ever... or at least since PomPom made their last PlayStation game.

But first, a dash of history. Last year PomPom made Alien Zombie Death on PSP minis.

Heralded as "pacy, mean-spirited, and delightful" by EDGE magazine, it was a simple, extremely focused platform shooter. We loved making it. Anybody with the required skill set loved playing it. Those who didn't clearly play too much backgammon.

Now, on PS3, we have the official sequel to Alien Zombie Death! We've taken the original game, pulled out a big jar of MEGA, and gratuitously poured it all over. The result? Alien Zombie Mega Death!

List of loveliness:

- Levels? ... 70 of them!
It's a platform game, with a lot of shooting and explode-y stuff... and we mean, A LOT!
- Multiplayer? ... Oh yes!
- Game types? ... Survival levels. One-shot levels. Decoy pods. Jetpacks. Bomb disposal. Space baby rescue.
- Beasties? ... A whole menagerie of cute yet ugly little blighters to feed with laser death!
- Fancy a new space suit? Plain white doesn't do it for you? We have a catalogue of snazzy threads available as well as some fancy suits tucked away, waiting to be unlocked.
- A medal award system with over 280 unique medals to earn spread over all the levels.
- Weapon power-ups, for those sticky moments.
- Online leaderboards.
- Guaranteed thumb blisters.
- All wrapped up in our Super PomTech Mega X Engine of Doom.

And finally, It's made by proper, salt of the earth, independent game developers. In other words, just two dudes sitting in dark caves somewhere in the UK. All by ourselves. No help from no one... apart from a sound engineer we keep locked in the shed.

Buy it! Its cheap! It's mad! It'll make your fingers fall off. Peace.

[imglink=|Video: Alien Zombie Mega Death Hits PS3 on June 21, 2011][/imglink]
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