BitComposer Games PR Manager Daniel Kraub posted up a new video announcing that Air Conflicts: Vietnam is out now for PlayStation 3.

To quote: Hi guys! My name is Daniel Kraub from bitComposer Games and over the past 10 months we've been working together with Peter Nagy and his team from GamesFarm on Air Conflicts: Vietnam, the third title of the Air Conflicts series.

After taking the series to Europe and the Pacific, we're now transporting the player to a completely new and underrepresented scenario. Besides, we have to admit that as Kilgore said in Apocalypse Now - we love the smell of the napalm in the morning...

So, what is Air Conflicts: Vietnam all about?

Get into your jet or helicopter and witness the Vietnam War through eyes of our main character Joe Thompson. Fly over jungles, mountains and lowlands in a huge array of different aircraft from the Vietnam era, both fixed wing and helicopters.

Experience the story of Joe as a pilot - leader of a squadron of men with varied talents and traits, all of whom you control - and of Joe as a family man - a son, a husband, a father; a moral man who comes to question his patriotism and sense of duty as the horrors of the Vietnam War unfold.

It may be an Arcade experience at heart but we keep it real when it comes to historical accuracy. Air Conflicts: Vietnam is focused on some of the most famous battles of the Vietnam War, presenting them from Joe's perspective as a pilot in the US Navy.

We've striven to present the game from various angles, showing both sides of the Vietnam coin. However, it is the story of one pilot and his family back home - a story describing the influence of war on all involved; both the good and the bad.

Challenge yourself in dogfights against the supersonic MiGs of the NVA, deploy troops and support them from the mounted gun of your UH-1 Iroquois, and fly top secret missions to interrupt the supply lines of the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Defend yourself from the unrelenting AA of the enemy forces, search out and rescue your lost comrades before they fall prey to the Viet Cong, and aid in the evacuation of civilians and military personnel in the last days of the war and the eventual fall of Saigon.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam launches today for PlayStation 3, via PlayStation Network, priced 31.99/€39.99.

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