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    VF5 in 1080p?

    January 8, 2007 - One of the big selling points for the upcoming PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Tennis is its support for 1080p resolution -- a huge update over the arcade version's 720p. So the big question was, would Virtua Fighter 5 get the same treatment?

    The answer was presumably no, until an image of the back of the Japanese version's box appeared on Japanese fan sites today. Shown below, the supposed box image indicates that VF5 will join the small list of early PS3 titles to support "true HD."

    In an attempt to determine the authenticity of this image, IGN booted up its massive network of Cell-powered image processing terminals, but found that JPEG files won't be readable until an upcoming firmware update. So, we looked at the image real hard and determined that it just might be the real deal.

    We haven't been able to verify the legitimacy from Sega itself yet, however. And, to be honest, we're a little skeptical, as if 1080p support is included, why hasn't Sega been hyping it up like it has with Virtua Tennis?

    We'll see if we can dig a little deeper, but at the very least, expect a firm answer to the 1080p question when VF5 hits Japan on February 8, and America a few weeks later.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    I really hope it is 1080p, in about 4 months I lose 'my' hdtv, since my roomate is moving out. Hopefully it comes out in time and is 1080p cause I don't have the cash for a new hdtv

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    I would like all the games coming out for the ps3 to be 1080p, otherwise what is the use of being able to use 1080p in the ps3.

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    Well right now, with the console only being out for two months, I doubt you'll see every game at 1080p. But by the end of the year I think most games will be displayed at 1080p.

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